More than 65,000 professionals representing the entire plastics industry and its vertical markets will assemble in Orlando, Florida, May 7 through 11 to discover the latest trends and newest technology being used in the plastics industry. Produced by Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS), this triennial international event features a 1 million-square-foot exhibit hall, filled with full-scale, operating machinery and equipment; 2,000 exhibiting companies; multiple education opportunities; cutting-edge Technology and Exhibit Zones; and more. The following exhibitors are of interest to The American Mold Builder audience:

A-1 Tool Corp.
Booth S31037
Delivering proven performance with large, multiple-cavity, action, thin-wall, specialty designs, stack and tandem molds. A-1 Tool is known for quality injection molds produced domestically and internationally. Its manufacturing capacity and latest technology work together for optimal efficiency. In-house design, manufacturing and sampling ensure accurate parts with the productivity needed.

American Mold Builders Association
Booth S33058
Distributing membership information, the AMBA Sourcebook of US mold builders and The American Mold Builder magazine. AMBA is the competitive advantage for US mold builders, providing workforce development resources, benchmarking metrics, cost-saving programs, peer exchange forums, plant tour workshops, conferences and more.

BORIDE Engineered Abrasives
Booth W4783
Displaying its made-in-the-USA mold and die polishing stones, Mold Makers Diamond Compound and a wide variety of mold and die polishing accessories. Stop by to discuss finishing applications with BORIDE’s team of experts.

Carson Tool & Mold
Booth S19175
Engineering, manufacturing and repairing plastic injection molds and components to the highest quality. The company is celebrating its 73rd anniversary.

Choice Tool & Mold
Booth S31137
Offering solutions for the most complex, challenging and time-sensitive injection molds, cavity independent, Choice Tool & Mold is leading the pace in high-precision molds for small- to medium-sized plastic parts, with micro parts from 0.0008g +. Choice Tool & Mold is an OCTEX operating company.

Booth W4783
Featuring BORIDE, Koolflow water manifolds, Balzi venting products, Worm Gear, Diprofil, I-mold tunnel gate inserts, Desoi Unscrewing Units, REDE VAULT, ICS Laser full-color plaques and more.

EDRO Engineering
Booth W103
Manufacturing custom mold bases and specialty steels for the plastics tooling industries and offering a comprehensive line of unique proprietary steels, such as RoyAlloy, as well as aluminum and MoldMAX products. EDRO is the exclusive distributor of BÖHLER tool steels, ready to handle the toughest requirements.

Ellwood Specialty Steel
Booth S30014
Manufacturing various types of mold steel, including P20, high hard, lens quality, H13, holder, stainless steels and MoldAlloy. Ellwood also has a large inventory of various aluminum grades – 5000, 7000 and 6000 series for mold building needs. ESS – Ready and Reliable – Mold Steels made in the US.

Extreme Tool and Engineering, Inc.
Booth W5391
Displaying information and examples of its total plastics solution, including engineering, moldmaking, automation, process development, injection molding and validation. Celebration and highlights of its 20th anniversary and milestones along the way, with exclusive offers including no cost tool transfer and experience bringing plastics to life (or back to life) at Extreme.

FCS System
Booth S30009
Supporting the technological evolution through innovative systems for clamping and production process optimization. Introducing Industry 4.0 principles with these main product lines: engineering, clamping, motion and control. The clamping system provides a flexible, repeatable and precise setup for unrestricted access to five surfaces and quick mounting.

Finkl Steel
Booth S15037
Racing ahead of the competition with new products developed to machine faster, polish better and provide more comprehensive solutions to the changing lens tooling industry.

Gesswein & Company, Inc.
Booth W4043
Presenting a full line of welding solutions for mold repair. The SWA and SWT Sisma brand laser welders will be on display and demonstrated in the booth. Additionally, Gesswein also will demonstrate the new PUK U5 Micro-TIG welder, which offers a less expensive solution for mold repairs.

GF Machining Solutions, LLC
Booth S37079
Providing machines, automation solutions and services to the tool and moldmaking industry and to precision components manufacturers. Products range from EDM and high-speed, high-performance milling machines to 3D laser surface texturing machines, consumables and automation solutions. A division of the Switzerland-based Georg Fischer Group.

HASCO America, Inc.
Booth S26003
Leading as a global supplier of modular metric standard mold bases, components and accessories, while offering components and hot runner solutions for moldmaking. Presenting keyed ejector pins, parting line shims, round mechanical cycle counters, stack systems in two sizes, round latch lock units and a new screw-in hot runner nozzle.

Booth W991
Showcasing its servo-driven valve gate hot runner technology. This is a transformative technology for injection molding process control, which allows for advantages when producing cosmetic surfaces in automotive applications. Other advantages are better process control for family molds, reduced tonnage and reduced warpage.

INCOE Corporation
Booth W4463/S19023
Highlighting Melt-Logistics™, SmartWork, temperature/valve-gate control technology and hospitality at its booth. Supporting businesses with hot runner system solutions engineered for applications. INCOE Hot Runner Systems is a partner for successful injection molding.

Industrial Molds Group
Booth S29069
Consisting of industrial Molds and Pyramid Plastics. Providing mold build and design, prototyping and molding services (injection, thermoplastic and custom).

JMMS, Inc.
Booth S31001
Providing next-generation tooling that offers a standardized, consistent, repeatable process to meet OEM quality benchmarks and lead times, with a lower total cost of ownership. It combines a tradition of metalworking craftsmanship with a commitment to continuous improvement in engineering, manufacturing and service.

Booth S34188
Highlighting the D200Z 5XC VMC technologies and demonstrating how continuous 5-axis processes deliver higher quality results with faster cycle time and longer tool life. The D200Z will be integrated into an EROWA robot cell with an EDNC6 Sinker EDM to showcase the latest advancements in automation and productivity.

Maruka U.S.A., Inc./Westminster Tool Inc.
Booth W911/W1103
Displaying one of its high-quality injection mold solutions, Westminster Tool Inc. is a trusted premium injection mold supplier with over 19 years of experience. Distinguished by its company culture and internal training program, Westminster Tool offers in-house, value-added services, providing innovative solutions from design through validation.

Meusburger USA
Booth S23109
Highlighting Meusburger mold innovations. Leading international manufacturer of high-quality standard parts, hot runner and control systems, and selected workshop equipment. Focusing on how to make molds more competitive by incorporating ideas and products that are creative, while providing high efficiencies in mold performance. Specialists are on site and look forward to questions and ideas.

Booth W2703
Providing excellence in pellet-to-part solutions and service for customers around the globe. Focused on the power of what is possible in the industry, Milacron encompasses several brands, including Mold-Masters, DME, Kortec, Uniloy and Cimcool.

Model Die & Mold, Inc.
Booth S17158
Displaying its mold design and build capabilities. Meet with a sales associate, pick up a brochure and enter to win the prize giveaway. Model Die & Mold is one of America’s largest injection and compression mold builders. Molds up to 4,000-ton press size. Serving the industry for more than 50 years.

Mold Craft, Inc.
Booth W4207
Designing and building micro molds for successful, high-volume, single- and multi-cavity mold projects for intricate parts for perfection-driven customers. Mold Craft, Inc. will be molding live, using leading-edge micro mold design and build. Mold Craft offers complete and true interchangeability of components at tolerances to ±0.0001″ – done right the first time.

Mold-Tech, Inc.
Booth S32004
Designing and building precision injection molds. Specializing in multicavity production, hot runner, auto unscrewing, in-mold decoration, insert, micro, MIM, multishot, silicone, shuttle and stack molds. Services include design for manufacturing, dedicated project management, in-house design, full in-house tool manufacturing, mold sampling and tool repair. ISO 9001, ITAR Registered.

M.R. Mold & Engineering
Booth W4391
Exhibiting R.D. Abbott’s 3D LAM silicone printer. In addition, the company has an optical automotive lens mold running with Zeiger Industries. In Krauss Maffei’s booth, M.R. Mold’s in-mold slitting duck bill mold will be running. M.R. Mold will highlight an optically clear magnifying glass mold in the Maruka USA booth. With Boy Machines, M.R. Mold will feature a plastic bottle opener mold.

MSI Mold Builders
Booth S23035
Specializing in large tonnage moldmaking for the injection, structural foam, compression and blow molding industries. Located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Greenville, South Carolina, MSI has expertise in wide-ranging markets and materials, from aluminum to hardened steels, and extensive capabilities for repair needs.

Osco Inc.
Booth W891
Using its hot runner ingenuity to produce the best molding solution for customer applications. Its unique niche is to make the hot runner fit the application, not the other way around. Osco is enthused to meet other AMBA members.

PCS Company
Booth W4170
Manufacturing and distributing mold components, mold bases, hot runner products and molding supplies for the plastic injection industry. Headquartered in Fraser, Michigan, and dating back to 1950. Its customers include injection molders, moldmakers, mold designers and die casters.

Precision Laser Technology
Booth S15073
Assisting mold manufacturers with etching of precision details, logos and surface textures for the plastics industry. Laser services extend to direct part marking of plastic and metal (MIL-STD-130), laser and micro-TIG welding, and laser drilling and cutting of thin materials. Providing value through laser solutions; responsive, technical support; on-time delivery; and cost-efficient service.

Prestige Mold, Inc.
Booth W8555
Utilizing robotic automation manufacturing cells to ensure quality and interchangeability; serving the demanding requirements of its customers for 35 years. Sister company Pres-Tek Plastics is a world-class molding technology center complete with Class 8 clean room and full metrology lab. Prestige Mold is a high-technology mold manufacturing company.

Progressive Components
Booth S33004, W4871
Introducing new advancements in mold monitoring and maintenance technology, as well as new mold components and mechanisms for optimal injection mold performance. Progressive Components is the only American-owned, independently-operated developer and distributor of proprietary mold mechanisms and maintenance and monitoring software for the injection molding industry.

Punch Industry USA, Inc.
Booth S32055
Supplying standard and custom-made mold components. Punch Industry USA, Inc., is a subsidiary of tool and die components manufacturer Punch Industry Co. of Tokyo, Japan, and was established April 3, 2017, in Itasca, Illinois.

Roembke Mfg. & Design, Inc.
Booths S20125, W3303, S29085
Displaying various rubber and thermoplastic molding technologies in partnership with Shin-Etsu, Momentive and Engel. Roembke Mfg. & Design is one of the preeminent mold manufacturers in the US. Offering everything from production-equivalent LSR/HCR quick prototype molds to complete turnkey molding cells featuring fully integrated automation.

Booth S15037
Supplying mold steels, vacuum heat treatment and machining services, with eight service centers throughout the US and Canada. The complete line of Formadur® stainless mold steels – for applications including mold base, core and cavity and other components – is featured.

SelfLube Mold & Die Components
Booth W3888
Carrying over 10,000 standard part numbers, including wear strips, bushings, gibs, wear plates and more. SelfLube is the leading US manufacturer of precision mold and die components. Its full product line, along with free downloadable CAD models, can be viewed on the company’s website.

Slide Products, Inc.
Booth S32045
Offering mold releases, mold cleaners, rust preventives, specialty lubricants and purging compounds. Free samples and technical support are available at Slide’s booth.

Superior Die Set
Booth W5562
Manufacturing mold bases. including “Be Fast” style in P20 steel, Fortal® aluminum, Toolox 44, No.1 and 2 steels. Six-side squaring of mold-plates up to 48″ square with FCS holes. Also, Glide-Rite™ components, Slide-Locks™, EXAFlow® tunnel gates and the Threadformer unscrewing device. Its subsidiary, FCPK Bytow, manufactures Euro-type bases in Poland.

Wisconsin Engraving Co. Inc./Unitex
Booth S36056
Offering engraving, texturing and specialty services for the most difficult projects. Wisconsin Engraving Company (WEC) applies its services to injection molds, thermoform molds, blow molds, rotational molds and stamping dies. See WEC for electrodes, EDM work and overflow CNC machining.