Mastercam 2024 Integrates Sandvik CoroPlus® Tool Library

Press release submitted on behalf of Mastercam.

Mastercam has partnered with Sandvik to announce the integration of CoroPlus® Tool Library Add-in into Mastercam 2024. The integration of the CoroPlus® Tool Library allows Mastercam customers to save significant time searching for desired tools and building 3D tool assemblies that can be brought directly into Mastercam. The CoroPlus® Tool Library makes tool recommendations based on material, operation, and tool type. The ability to import tool assemblies directly into Mastercam 2024 saves time and effort since users can quickly and easily find and use the right tools. By utilizing 3D tool models and recommended cutting data, users can optimize the machining process and achieve better results.

Mastercam developers worked closely with Sandvik Coromant product management to let users import 3D tool assemblies directly into Mastercam’s toolpath operations. Users of Mastercam benefit from having the correct tooling for the material and for the type of machining operation, plus an accurate, 3D model that can be used for visualization and collision checking in addition to the time savings.

“In the past, customers had to search through thousands of catalog pages and cross-reference multiple sources to create the tool assemblies needed to machine their parts,” says Dave Boucher, Chief Product Officer, Mastercam. “Now, they have access to cutting data and tooling recommendations directly from within Mastercam, making it easier for them to select the best cutting tools for their specific applications, optimize their machining operations, and improve productivity.”

“The collaboration with the Mastercam team has been fantastic during this development and we are thrilled to be able to offer an efficient and seamless way of adding tool data into Mastercam’s toolpath operations,” says Tobias Unosson, Product Manager, CoroPlus® Tool Library.

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