HASCO Releases Locating Ring Adapters

Press releases submitted on behalf of HASCO.

Locating ring adapters with new dimensions
A locating ring facilitates the accurate installation of injection moulds in the machine. With the latest extension to the range, HASCO offers its customers even more flexibility in production planning by adding four more adaption sizes to the product portfolio.

Rapid tool-free adaption
HASCO locating ring adapters Z7500/… allow, through an integrated frictional spring tensioning system, a flexible, tool-free adaption of injection moulding tools on injection moulding machines with larger apertures. Machining adjustments are not necessary.

Improved machine utilisation
The use of locating ring adapters guarantees improved machine utilisation because they enable rapid production changeovers even if the tool and machine do not initially fit one another as regards the diameter of the locating ring. As a result, flexibility in production planning is significantly increased.

Large lead-in chamfer for the injection moulding machine
A large lead-in chamfer allows easy installation in the injection moulding machine via an 8 mm guide. Lever slots are provided as a dismantling aid. For secure fixing, appropriate circular wire circlips Zā€‰692ā€‰/… are available as spare parts.

All the locating ring adapters have an unambiguous laser inscription to ensure rapid and error-free deployment of the correct adapter in production. The stainless steel locating ring adapters are suitable for clean rooms and come in inch and metric versions ex stock.

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