Cetec ERP Introduces Buffer Scheduling Feature to Improve Workflow

Press release submitted on behalf of Cetec ERP.

Cetec ERP, Austin, Texas, a leading cloud-based ERP software provider, has introduced a new scheduling feature which allows users to estimate static buffer time occurring before or after work is completed at a given work location.

For Job Shops, getting accurate time estimates for work-orders helps to drive more accurate quoting as well as completing jobs on time. Allowing a buffer time before or after a work location/station grants the ability to ensure ample time is given on the workorder, without impacting labor time, estimates, or cost.

The new field, called “Buffer”, can be managed in two ways: Defaults can be set from a table in the Data Maintenance page named “OrdlineStatus”, or they can be set manually/overridden in a part’s labor plan or order specific labor plan.

Figure 1:  Image shows screenshot of easy to locate Buffer addition.

Previously, modeling a traveler/router’s schedule to include a “buffer” period occurring before or after work was completed at a work location took several steps. Users needed to create and utilize a separate “staging” work location, then place that staging work location in the labor plan itself, and finally set the time estimate on that staging location to be a static setup or outsource based time entry in order for the scheduling system to register the buffer.

Robust, dynamic production scheduling is one of the core needs and pain points for many manufacturers. The Buffer feature is the newest tool from Cetec ERP that helps address these problems and better manage the production schedule.

About Cetec ERP
Since 2015, Cetec ERP has independently migrated hundreds of companies off legacy technology platforms like Oracle and NetSuite onto a new generation of lower cost cloud-based ERP technology, saving companies hundreds of thousands of dollars.  The company is ISO certified.

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