i-mold Focuses on Tunnel Gate Inserts

Andy Walter, CEO of the new i-mold company, is focusing the portfolio on tunnel gate inserts for injection molding tools. © i-mold

i-mold molding innovations, Erbach, Germany, has been re-founded under a known name as of February 1, 2022. CEO Andy Walter is now focusing on the patented tunnel gate inserts that are developed in-house for injection molding tools. Hot runner systems from Heatlock round off the company’s product portfolio.

Tunnel gate inserts offer solutions for applications in which moldings – not recognizable from the outside – must be gated from the back or from the side, which is particular advantage with visible areas. The gating point is then usually below the mold parting line so that it is unreachable with conventional gate designs. Tunnel gate inserts help solve the problem by guiding the melt through the mold parting line to the gating point. For more information, visit www.i-mold.com