Mike MacArthur Selected to Lead RobbJack Corporation

RobbJack, Lincoln, California, announces the selection of Michael MacArthur as new President.

MacArthur is a 26-year veteran of RobbJack. During his tenure as sales manager, he developed a reputation for building relationships and providing innovative solutions to meet customer challenges in the machining of myriad components for manufacturers and subcontractors alike. Mike has a clear vision for RobbJack’s future and a unique knowledge of RobbJack and its products.

MacArthur succeeds David Baker, former President and Chairman of the Board, who worked for RobbJack for 47 years. Founded in 1960, RobbJack and its subsidiaries Crystallume and Crystallume PVD are in their 61st year as a manufacturer of rotary cutting tools, coatings and accessories.

For more information, visit www.robbjack.com.