Mold-Masters Introduces Manifold Leak Detection Technology

Mold-Masters, Georgetown, Ontario, Canada, recently announced an enhancement to its Advanced Plastic Leak Detection capabilities found on its TempMaster hot runner temperature controllers. Mold-Masters utilized Thermal Analysis to detect plastic leakage within the manifold pocket.

To enable the feature, thermocouples are installed on the manifold in various locations, which are dedicated to monitoring and detecting manifold leakage. The size of the manifold will dictate how many detection thermocouples are necessary and the position of each thermocouple will determine how quickly the leakage is detected. During internal testing of this feature, leakages were detected quickly and reliably before any damage had occurred. Manifold Leakage Detection is an optional feature that is available now with all Mold-Master TempMaster M2+ and M3 hot runner temperature controllers. For more information, visit