Doosan Announces the New DHF 8000ST Five-Axis Machining Center

Machine tool maker Doosan Machine Tools, Pine Brook, New Jersey, has introduced the DHF 8000ST, a single table version of the DHF 8000 five-axis horizontal machining center. This new model incorporates a turning function and was designed without a pallet changer to offer a smaller footprint.

Customers from two industry segments were influential in the development of the DHF 8000ST. The first was heavy equipment manufacturers (earthmovers, etc.) who machine large diameter gearboxes that require turning operations. The second group were companies, such as those found in the oil field industry, that also machine large diameter components.

The nodding head spindle and direct-drive B-axis rotary table allow the DHF 8000ST to handle a complete range of machining and turning processes from roughing to finishing in a single setup. This ability to attack parts from all sides provides increased parts accuracy. In addition, the configuration makes quick work of multi-face workpieces and the 5-axis simultaneous machining of complex shapes.

Like the DHF 8000, the nodding head spindle has a stroke of +60 to -100 degrees (up/down) with clamping torque of over 3,600 ft-lb. The DHF 8000ST comes with a 47 horsepower HSK100-T spindle taper with a 6,000 r/min gear head spindle, and optional 15,000 r/min high-speed spindles are also available.

This scaled-up HMC can easily support workpieces weighing up to two tons, allowing them to be machined with the same precision as their much smaller counterparts. A 1,000mm (39.4”) diameter pallet offers a bigger work envelope from the previous model, and its large working area can readily hold parts up to ΓΈ 1,600mm (62.9”) diameter x 1,400mm (55.1”) in height.

The DHF 8000ST is constructed with cross roller linear guideways for extra rigidity. The Y and Z axis are fitted with dual ball screws to ensure greater structural stability and accuracy, while the column is designed with high static and dynamic rigidity to provide optimum machining performance. Linear scales on each axis maintain superior positioning accuracy.

A thermal compensation system, consisting of sensors strategically placed within critical areas of the machine, is monitored and compensates if thermal growth is detected. Cooling systems for the spindle and ball screws also assist with thermal stability. A 120-tool magazine comes standard, which is expandable to 376 tools. The DHF 8000ST comes equipped with a Siemens 840D control.

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