Efforts Continue towards China Mold Tariffs

The AMBA Board of Directors, in collaboration with Harbour Results, continue to pursue reinstating the 25% tariffs on injection molds imported from China. Thank you to all the AMBA members that provided case studies citing examples of Chinese dumping activities. These have been integral to the campaign. In August, in an effort to educate and gain attention of White House administrative officials, Harbour Results distributed letters to key legislators from Michigan. Additionally, meeting requests for August and September have been issued to Michigan Senators Gary Peters and Debbie Stabenow as well as Governor Gretchen Whitmer (State of Michigan). These individuals have a significant stake in supporting the mold industry and the manufacturing industry at large. Finally, the team sent an information packet directly to the USTR and maintains contact with Ryan Jarmula, the Deputy Chief of Staff for Indiana Congressman Pence, to secure a meeting with the USTR to discuss the China tariffs. Call to Action: All AMBA members are being asked for immediate assistance. In anticipation that companies will again claim the need for tariff exemptions on molds coming from China, AMBA members are being asked to reach out to their Congressional members and US Senators now. We encourage each member to use the China Tariffs Needed Letter to secure face-to-face meetings. Professionals from Harbour Results along with representatives from AMBA’s leadership team will provide the required materials to help facilitate the meetings focused on reinstating the 25% tariff on molds.